The Viking amulet of protection and power – Thor’s hammer, Mjölnir (English: crusher), is a powerful symbol of Thor, the Norse God of thunder. Thor is a righteous God of great might and girth, whom mortals regard as the protector of mankind. His hammer, Mjölnir, was capable of leveling mountains and was so heavy that no one else was able to lift it from the ground. In today’s world, the Hammer of Thor can be worn as a way of honoring one’s Viking heritage, as a religious statement, or, quite often, just as a piece of good looking jewelry made with hand forged Damascus steel with a rich history.

Hand forged fire striker made from high carbon tool steel У10А ( У10А similar 1095 steel ) and Damascus steel. Damascus steel made from two sort of steel – У10А high carbon tool steel and alloy steel 40ХН2МАШ ( US analogue – 4340 alloy steel ). To provide proper hardness strip of high carbon steel was outputted on the blade. Ring made from mild steel. Working part of fire striker water quenched without tempering. Surface oxidized and lubricated with choji oil.


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Thor's Hammer Hand Forged Damascus Steel Pendant

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