My exclusively designed Sons of Anarchy Bullet Necklace is now available in 10 and 55mm caliber casings, and in a 50 caliber Damascus steel bullet. This exclusive design may be a custom order request in 38SPL’s and .357Mags.

Pendant Lenght: 55 Millimeters

Pendant Width:  10 Millimeters

Pendant height: 10 Millimeters

These can also be custom ordered and individually designed for you to include different crystal color tips or even initials or a date on the back of the casing.

The necklace is Hand Forged with 1095 & 15N20 High and Low Carbon Steel with over 200 Layers. These two alloys are folded together many times, then dipped in Ferric Chloride which eats away at the different metals at different rates showing the Damascus pattern. This is genuine folded steel, not laser printed.

Scores a 58 HRC on the Rockwell Scale – This metal is tough and ready for work. Creating Damascus steel is still unknown to this day. The process has been lost for the past 500 years. Today, we fold several different plates of steel together, dip in Ferric Chloride which eats away the metals at different rates to show the Damascus pattern.


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Men's Cal .50 BMG Bullet Custom handmade Damascus Pendant

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